"MAPS" Senior Living Marketing Automation Program

6-Month Program To Get Started with Senior Living Marketing Automation

Implement a “plug & play” system for ensuring no leads ever falls through the cracks again. Collect, segment, score, prioritize, and nurture your prospects over time using proven processes that are specific to the senior living buyer’s journey. 

Having a robust process for collecting, scoring, segmenting, and nurturing leads over time is a “must-have” for any senior living company looking to compete in today’s environment. As part of this program we use A.I. and predictive lead scoring to rank your leads based on their likelihood of becoming a customer. 

This means that your staff will be able to 80/20 their efforts and focus on the prospects that are most likely to actually move-in to a community. 

Once built, this system can run in the background with minimal input from your team.  This system results in a better experience for your prospects, a huge time savings for your salespeople, and a better ROI for your marketing dollars. 


*Requires Hubspot Professional

Benefits (Click to Expand)

Use automation to segment all your leads by community, type of care, and budget. Also separate out careers opportunities and unqualified inquiries from your marketing and sales campaigns.

Our advanced lead scoring uses machine learning to assign values to all your prospects. You can see which leads are “high priority” and have the highest chance of becoming a move-in within the next 90 days. This allows your sales team to spend the majority of their time with the most qualified prospects while “low priority” leads get enrolled in lead nurturing campaigns designed to increase their lead score over time. 

By segmenting leads and setting lifescycle stages your can clearley see where your sales leads are in the sales funnel. You get clear insights into how many sales-qualified leads your have at any given time.

By leveraging automated emails, texts and personalized messaging you can ensure that no lead falls through the cracks. Our process helps you sleep well at night knowing that emails and being sent out without your involvement and leads are getting nurtured with valuable content about your community. All the while updating their leads scores so that the high-priority leads get the most personal attention from your sales staff. 

Leverage A.I. and "Predictive Lead Scoring" So Your Sales Staff Spends Their Time with Prospects that are Most Likely to Move-In.

Hear What Clients Are Saying

“Working with NextWave has been hugely instrumental in improving our digital program. Since working together we’ve been able to dramatically improve our number of new residents from digital.”